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I have a special ability to see beauty in everything that surrounds me as well as a great desire to recreate beauty with my own hands. This is what led me to the art of jewelry.

One moment has been alive in my memory, when I was a child sitting with an old book of jewelry and looked with interest at the fascinating picture of jewelry. I believe at that moment a great passion for jewelry art has settled in my heart.

My first education of Art started at the College of Applied Arts, and then there was the Faculty of Art History at the University. Traveling around Europe with search for my calling I was studying art and imagining my self as an artist.

During my frequent visits to Italy I admire the art of the jewelers of this beautiful country. Gradually, I felt a strong desire to master it myself.

Apparently, there are things destined for us from above. No matter how long the way may seem, sooner or later you will reach what your heart is guiding you to. And all the things you encounter along the way, every obstacle and difficulty, only adds to the knowledge, experience and insight, which are so precious for self-realization.

I found a school of applied arts in Prague, and in the process of studying I very quickly mastered the basic techniques of jewelry making. I wanted to create my individual artistic language and ability to fuse art, jewelry and fashion into signature design concepts. The search for new techniques forms and textures began.

I have always wanted to apply my natural sense of color and ability to draw in my jewelry. The enamel technique turned out to be very interesting, as it made it possible to combine the imagination of design, the play of color and a variety of shapes. And when you really want something, everything around helps you achieve your desire.

I received a gift from fate when I came to Tbilisi. Georgia is one of the places where the cloisonné enamel technique originated historically. Being charmed by both my finding and the land so favorable to art creating. I felt that I had found the place where I could develop my own art.

It was at this time that the name “Omalgami” was born - this is the magic of words and letters, which is an expression of my creativity.

Join my time in Tbilisi and improving jewelry making skills I created my first jewelry collection - "Depth" which was drown inspiration from the depths of the sea. The next phase was established in the October 2015 with my first personal exhibition “Enjoy The Silence” that was a transition from the first collection “Depth”.

The next phase of my professional growth was the first personal exhibition "Enjoy the Silence", which took place in Tbilisi on the twentieth of October in 2015. There was featured my first collection "Depth", which had drawn inspiration from the depths of the sea. In the 2016, I was returned to Prague and opened my own Jewelry Studio “Omalgami”.

In my art I try to reflect the beauty of nature, which is a treasury of inspiration for me. I pass through the prism of my vision of the world fancy and varied textures, shapes and colors. It is nature that suggests the purity and precision of lines, the naturalness and fantasy of my works.

Each and every piece of jewelry brought to life by my fantasy is individual and unique. The Therefore, each piece of Omalgami jewelry is individual and unique. The process of creating a jewelry goes through many labor-intensive and painstaking stages: from the sketch to setting the stones and bringing it to perfect shine. I try to reveal new, original facets and possibilities of using precious stones and metals, putting a piece of the warmth of my soul and love into every piece of jewelry.

Olga Beleacova


+420 773 593 334

Haštalská 760/27, Prague

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