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I have a special ability to see beauty in everything that surrounds me as well as a great desire to recreate it with my own hands. This is what led me to the art of jewelry.

Even as a child, when looking at the pictures in an old book of jewelry with great interest, I did not even fancy that one day I would be able to master this magical art. During that time I was studying painting and imagining myself as an artist. But since then, a great passion for jewelry art has settled in my heart while the book has been very alive in my memory.

My first degree was in art and painting at the College of Applied Arts. The next was the history of art at the Russian State University of Humanitarian Arts. But I didn't feel like my vocation was truly found and, thus, I kept seeking it while travelling around Europe.

During my frequent visits to Italy I sincerely admired the jewelry art of that beautiful country. Gradually, I felt a strong desire to master it myself.

Apparently, there are things destined for us from above. No matter how long the way may seem, sooner or later you will reach what your heart is guiding you to. And all the things you encounter along the way, every obstacle and difficulty, only add to the knowledge, experience and insight which are so precious for self-realization.

Having found a suitable school in Prague, I started to learn this incredible art. In the process, I was able to master all the basic techniques really quickly, but the traditional styles did not appeal to me. I wished to create my own style, something I could be proud of. The search for new techniques, shapes and textures began.

I have always wanted to apply my natural sense of color and ability to draw in my jewelry. The desired effect could be reached by using the enameling technique. And when you really want something, everything around you helps you to achieve it.

That is how I received a gift from fate when I came to Tbilisi - Georgia is one of the places where the cloisonné enamel technique originated historically. Being charmed by both my finding and the land so favourable to art creating, I felt that I had found the place where I could develop my own art.

It was at that time that the name "Omalgami" - the magic of words and letters which reflects me in my art - was born.

Having learnt the basics of the enamel technique, I went on improving my professional skills as an apprentice in Tbilisi for a few more years. It was there that I created my first jewelry collection by the name "Depth".

The next phase of my professional growth was defined by my first solo exhibition "Enjoy the Silence", which took place in Tbilisi on the twentieth of October in 2015. There was featured my first collection "Depth", which had drawn inspiration from the depths of the sea. In 2016, upon my returning to Prague, I opened a jewelry studio of my own, where I have been refining my skills up to now.

In my art I try to reflect the beauty of nature, which is a treasury of inspiration for me. I let its textures, shapes and colors throughout the prism of my vision. In my opinion, there is nothing more stunning than that is created by nature. And the closer we to it, the more pure and natural we become ourselves.

Each and every piece of jewelry brought to life by my fantasy is individual and unique. The process of its creation goes through numerous time-consuming and diligent phases, beginning from a sketch and ending with gems securing and the polishing of an item to perfect glow. Each time I reveal new facets and potentials of my artistic creativity, giving every jewelry "Omalgami" a piece of my own soul and love and bringing joy to its owner.

Olga Beleacova


+420 773 593 334

Haštalská 760/27, Prague

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