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I take pride in being able to see the beauty in everything around me, and I have a great desire to recreate it with my own hands. This is what brought me to the art of jewelry making.

Even during my childhood years, I looked at pictures in an old book on Jewelry with great interest and curiosity, not knowing that I could master this magical art. During that time I painted and imagined myself as an artist, yet from the time I read that book, I have also wanted to explore the mysteries of jewelry.

I got my first education in the field of art and painting. The College of Applied Arts. The next I graduated from the art critique department of a branch of the Russian State University for the Humanities. But in this I was not find my calling, and continued searching for my identity as an artist as I travelled across Europe.

I often visited Italy, where I was amazed by the art of jewelry this beautiful country. Which awakened my calling, and in me gradually arose the desire to master it.

It seems to me that there are things that the stars themselves have determined for us. No matter how long the road, eventually you will achieve what your heart truly desires. All that confronts you on your path only adds knowledge, experience, and understanding, all of which are necessary for self-realization, this is my personal motto, which guides my life.

I had found a suitable school in Prague. I began to study this magical skill. During the training, I quickly learned the basic mechanics of the trade and the classical designs of jewelry, yet I sought to create something that was my own, something that would make me feel proud. I began the search for new techniques, shapes and textures.

In my jewelry, I've always wanted to use the sense of color and the ability to draw that were given to me from nature. Such an effect could be achieved by the technique of enameling. When you really wish something, everything around you helps in the implementation of your goals.

And so I have received a gift of fate, having moved to Tbilisi. Georgia is one of the places where the cloisonné technique of enameling developed. Enchanted not only by my discovery, but also by this land, a fertile ground for creativity, I felt that I have found the place, where I can develop my artistry.

At this time was born the name – "Omalgami" – this is the magic of words, letters and numerology, which is reflecting myself in my creativity.

I learned the foundations of enamel technique and I continued for several more years improving my professional jewelry skills in apprentices of Tbilisi. And creating my first collection of jewelry - "Depth".

Next phase in my professional growth was to hold my own exhibition. It happens on 20th October 2015 in Tbilisi, where I presented my first exhibition titled "Enjoy the silence". I was presenting my first collection named "Depth" inspired by depth of the sea. Since 2016, upon returning to Prague, I have opened my own jewellery studio. Where every day I hone my skills.

In my artwork I try to reflect the beauty of nature, the wild is a treasure chest of inspiration for my art. Its textures, forms and colors - I let everything pass through the prism of my vision. In my view, there is nothing more beautiful than that which is made by nature, and the closer we are to it, the purer and more natural our art becomes.

Every piece of jewelry that I make is unique and special, born by my creativity. The process of its creation goes through many laborious and painstaking stages, starting with a sketch, until the fastening stones and set to a perfect shine. Every time I discover new facets and opportunities for my creativity, giving each “Omalgami” product a part of my soul and love, that brings happiness for its owner.

Olga Beleacova


+420 773 593 334

Haštalská 760/27, Prague

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